This came out when I was 15 and neck-deep in Cannibal Holocaust and Dead Alive, so I immediately despised Scream as being too bloodless, too attractive, too hip - its references especially too mainstream.

Flash forward to now and sure it's overwritten (it feels like it's coming in the wake of Kevin Smith more than anything), but it has a clear vision and a lot of adoration for the genre. I love, love, LOVE that the killer gets their ass handed to them over and over again during every attack.

Note: there's a stretch of this movie where the original Halloween is playing on a television and the Scream soundtrack drops out completely and it's entirely taken over by the Halloween score. This is both absolutely brilliant and also some bullshit. That's not your movie, dogg, stop that.

...what does Kevin Williamson have against Sharon Stone? Calm down.

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