The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

The joy that my inner child feels to watch this is immeasurable. 2022’s end is near and I still feel that this is Batman exactly as it should be. Tooth-cracking grit pelted with acid rain, unforgivably macabre, and so very goth. Amazingly, too, a mirror to what nu-20s culture is and is hurtling towards in a ball of money and fire. Disillusionment with the authoritarian status quo reaching a boiling point, because all leaders lie and all lies are to be paid with blood. The Riddler is the resentful side of a coin that was minted by venture deceit-weavers. Bruce isn’t just part of the problem, but *is* the problem, donning an excuse to shadowbox with his own culpability. Gotham as it was: weirdos carrying out vendettas against the awful things life did to them. What a gift to freaks like me.

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