Scream ★★

Hearing DJ Khaled in a Ghostface movie changes you.

There's a line in this about how the killer(s)[?] don't deserve to die with notoriety, and it's sad that it speaks grandly about the faults of resurrecting Craven's anti-slasher subversion ethos and the Ghostface "disease" that infects its villains. They are psychos that want to go out in a blaze of glory, a Horse of the Elm Street Apocalypse where they take the stereotypes down with themselves, and this desire for controversy has plagued the legends and the newbies like a bad gene. Yet when trying to reconcile the trauma of people who have effectively been forced into slasher martyrdom (please give Sidney some peace) as opposed to the new flesh taking the reins, dying like a bad joke is exactly what's been done. The arrogance of the perpetual "elevated horror" debate isn't even the real damage, or the post-GPS society that might as well be 'Scream 4' twice, but rather that Hollywood has led Wes's baby to grow up as a toxic Poe fan. These people have given a section of their lives to slasher fandom and now they're reduced to walking-talking iconography? Every form of horror is for every form of person, but I'm having a hard time imagining the person this is for. This isn't a sequel or a requel, love, this is a recap.

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