News from Home

News from Home ★★★★

Akerman takes formal structuralism and blends it with an intensely personal intimacy to a reach a new plateau of documentary filmmaking with News from Home. A time capsule of not only New York City circa 1976, but of her time spent residing there 4 years prior and her mother’s subsequent yearning for her return home to Brussels in this portrait of longing maternal love and urban isolation. Delicately composed frames, coupled with Akerman’s narration of her mother’s letters sent to her during her time spent in living New York while making films such as Hotel Monterey and the unfinished Hanging Out Yonkers, create a sense of familial detachment and undying devotion and love; regardless of distance or time spent away. Feelings of winsome catharsis and sanguine nostalgia make this one of the most affecting and reflective documentaries you‘ll ever come across. It’s a must-see for everyone.

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