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  • An Elephant Sitting Still

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  • One Day Before the Rainy Season

    One Day Before the Rainy Season


    Must the fulfillment of the human spirit, of the artist’s aspirations, of the muse’s devotion rely upon the hourglass? Grains of sand slipping inchmeal into temporal cavities—turning to dust as the years dwindle.

    Surrendering your love to the world: an ascetic sacrifice that feels more like an oblation than a mere worldly offering, and although it may look like nothing has changed, everything you once held sacred has become meaningless.

    Memory of a time and place that no longer exist…

  • Typhoon Club

    Typhoon Club


    Urban Weltschmerz. Not so much coming-of-age, but rather being heaved by heavy winds into the realization that we are each locked into our very own respective destinies. Seemingly epiphanic and unquestionably disheartening reductions made by people who’ve barely had time to fully register their existence as a human being—grappling in their hearts and minds with the philosophically loaded questions of youth and beyond—yet are now thrust totally without warning or regard into a world of decisions to be made, and…

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  • I Am Cuba

    I Am Cuba


    “Why are you running away?
    You came here to have fun.
    Go ahead, have fun!
    Isn't this a happy picture!
    Don’t avert your eyes.
    I am Cuba.
    For you, I am the casino, the bar, hotels and brothels.
    But the hands of these children and old people are also me"

    The beating heart of a nation in flames.

    Rulers all deceive but The People must believe, not in faux figureheads and spurious imposters, but in The People themselves. Revolution…

  • Duvidha



    Duvidha makes its strongest impression during the quiet moments of observation during which we see Lachhi, over a span of like four years (?), discover herself in the absence of her husband and subsequent presence of a ghost who, after one day being stricken by her beauty, takes the form of her merchant spouse while he is away. Kaul plays with time—how we perceive its slow passing—in a way that reminded me a little bit of Tarkovsky, but his aesthetic style…

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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    blubbering over an Art Garfunkel track isn’t exactly how I thought I’d be writing this, but here we are…

  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    Gray skies hang idly over a community with no refuge from the hopelessness that ties them to their monotonous existence. They say hope is resting in a faraway place, but will we make it there in time to overhear its trumpeting lament of redemption or will it fall on deaf ears now expired from a life that became too much to withstand?