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  • Too Old to Die Young
  • 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
  • Trust
  • sex, lies, and videotape

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  • The Driver


  • The Burning


  • Sing a Song of Sex


  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans


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  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    Spirit is, in its simple truth, consciousness, and forces its moments apart.”

    Materialized to be measured, monitored, made ascended. Pharmacologically manipulated in a rigidly confined environment… social seclusion by way of controlled depravation. Hypotrophic minds left to rot in cages the outsides of which they know nothing; false promises of a spiritual transcendence coming to less than no fruition.

    Refuse the hand that guides and leads
    Through psychic chasms bare and bleak.
    What probes the mind, it feeds the flames—…

  • India Song

    India Song


    Smothering reflections fading slowly away into insignificance. Gentle whispers overheard, eyes watchful in the moonlight, reporting back the ends and odds of miserable midnight soirées.

    Palaces withering to dust with the hearts inside decaying. The people who have had their lives stolen are heard faintly in the distance, singing songs that fuel the ennui of their encroachers; echoed melodies that border on perception.

    Dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing…

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  • The Driver

    The Driver


    The sound of friction. Blood hovering at around room-temperature; heartbeat, steadily, seventy- two. Swaths of pigment passing in darting trails of varicolored astigmatism—blanketed black by night and silence. That screeching, like freshly peeled fruit, sharp and tart, gritty to the senses. No names, few words; no connection save for a time and a place. Feet in the stirrups, hands on the reigns, let’s see who pulls first.

  • The Burning

    The Burning


    Lost a bit of its luster as I’ve gotten older, which probably has something to do with how gross it feels to watch a movie basically birthed from an egregiously sick fuck such as Weinstein that’s a clear perv-fest for the first half+, but I will say, it picks up as things progress—the Savini effects, the score and the woodsy setting (which I am a sucker for) make it more than competent as far as ‘80s slashers go. I do…

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  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There is one moment in particular that I believe contains the key to understanding Erika.

    It comes when she is talking with the mother of the girl who’s hand was brutally sabotaged and who can no longer play in the concert (or in any venue for a long while) forthcoming, thereby in effect ruining or otherwise severely hampering her young, promising career before it even had the chance to take off as it seemed so certainly poised to do.


  • Possession



    “Does our subject still wear pink socks?”

    Corrupt idealism in a fractionated existence. Possession deals in duality; the juxtaposition of a crumbling, divided marriage with a politically splintered world is displayed through Żuławski’s hectic lens. Originally conceived with the goal of recovery through cinematic release after his divorce with Polish actress Małgorzata Braunek, Żuławski set out to create an autobiographical account of the nasty split with his ex-wife via a heavily symbolic and intensely surreal portrayal of shattered matrimony. Shortly after…