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  • Wings of Desire
  • Naked Lunch
  • La Collectionneuse
  • La Dolce Vita

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  • My Night at Maud's


  • Punch-Drunk Love


  • Alphaville


  • The Aviator's Wife


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  • My Night at Maud's

    My Night at Maud's


    as always, rohmer's viewers are asked to reflect on someone's actions, choices and reasoning. however, because his characters are complex and realistic, finding "good" and "evil" is never possible. as expected, a movie about religion, love and desire is perfect for this type of analysis.

    rohmer writes conversations that are extremely interesting and, without being too obvious, move the plot forward.

    p.s. first time going to the cinema in almost 2 years !!! obrigada sofia

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    "i didn't ask for a shrink, that must've been somebody else. also, that pudding isn't mine. also, I'm wearing this suit today because i had a very important meeting this morning, and i don't have a crying problem."

    adam sandler and philip seymour hoffman are PERFECT for their roles ! !

Popular reviews

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    for a certain demographic (myself included) this is exactly but really really exactly how quarantine felt. and being able to describe it in an effective, non-pretentious, funny, emotional and hard-hitting way is not an easy task at all. i particularly liked how bo portrayed the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and completely underwhelmed at the exact same time. 

    and wow the editing is nothing short of genius. it's so impressive that he did this all by himself. i cannot stress…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


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