Milla ★★★★

Milla in some respects recalls a Hong San-soo film. It is ultimately a film about memory and repetition, in that it rewards its spectators for being with the film. In a sense the film's two parts are a distorting mirror for each other because the same objects become entirely different once you know there's two of them. At first viewing this mutual echoing of the subtextual drama of each repetition is only retroactively rewarding, yet Milla isn't a straight path with a beggining and an end. It is elliptical, you keep returning to the same places, your emotional response to the images constantly being born from memory of the images that came around it. Massadian thusly achieves an elevation of that which is banal, the everyday, by mythologizing it. It isn't all entirely new, but Milla is a work from someone with a clear voice, it has an originality of its own and it is certainly excelently executed.

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