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  • Annette



    If you open your film with a scene that establishes its artificiality, you can't expect that everytime you do it after that it will impact your audience. Nevertheless, I found the overblown antics to be a bit hit-and-miss, but you can't accuse Carax of not trying.

  • The Vows

    The Vows


    A Promessa é baseado na peça homónima do histórico militante do Partido Comunista Português, Bernardo Santareno, e não há dúvida de que o espírito do texto percorre e atiça as imagens do filme.
    Macedo encontra no cruzamento das crenças de inspiração pagã com a devoção cristã do povo da Tocha o reflexo textual de uma mise-en-scène de igual partes austera, pseudo-etnográfica e artificial e mística, onde as cores vibrantes da iluminação de estúdio por vezes tingem as imagens de interior…

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  • Butterfly



    The film seemed nice and all, but I couldn't really appreciate it because some assholes kept walking in front of the screen during the screening.

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Resident Evil: Afterlife


    The saga continues its depiction of the death of art in a world dominated by corporations. We see the Hollywood sign destroyed, most of the survivors are somehow connected to the movie industry and the one that isn't (Luther, the baseball player who makes watch commercials) is still recognised, showing how even in a world where real art is being destroyed people still care about celebrities. Art vanishes but celebrities don't die - "Starpower, bitch!". There is also Paul W.…