• Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

    Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


    holy shit!

  • Blonde


    Lifeless highfalutin perfume ad miserabilism. 10 hours of being stuck in Andrew Dominik's ornate void, surrounded by well-embellished emptiness and tormented by the sounds of him trying to suck his own dick. Torture porn comparisons are disrespectful to torture porn. David Lynch comparisons are the sign of an easy mark.

  • *Corpus Callosum

    *Corpus Callosum


    Brings me a lot of joy to imagine Michael Snow laughing in the editing room as he made the woman progressively wider. Anyway this movie possesses evil qualities. I think it was shot in hell.

  • Midsommar



    Too stiff. Too Jodorowsky. Florence Pugh is wonderful. I love the paintings, they're so evocative, as is the score and some of the set/costume design, all of which angle towards a world and ambience that Aster doesn't seem to be interested in or capable of channeling (Maypole dance is great though), instead opting for a distanced naturalism that simply depicts the festivities with an eye of wink wink condescension and immature self-satisfied sadistic glee, it’s the movie of a 13…

  • Hereditary



    Very stupid. Extremely cruel (positive). Big Acting (negative (Alex Wolff innocent, great wailing/drooling)). Lovely wood paneling, a movie of beautiful browns and yellows, greens and maroons, so dreary and warm and nostalgic that you can almost get lost drifting through its firelit mood and languid rhythms in the intervals between Toni Collette throwing another fastball bit of acting in your direction. Love the occult stuff, pity it's all in service of metaphors, wish Aster was able and willing to let…

  • V/H/S



    Fun fact: the dude in Joe Swanberg’s segment later went on to direct the music video for I Got the Keys by DJ Khaled ft. Jay Z & Future

  • Twisted Issues

    Twisted Issues


    Immaculate gushing skate punk paranoid splatter excavated from the bowels of the trash (stratum). This past week with regards to film watching has been one of the most exciting of my entire life. Can't remember the last time I woke up every day so eager to explore. My meds were also increased on Monday so that might have something to do with it but I'd rather credit the endless waves of scuzzy textures, blown out colours, and spurts of viscera that have been pummeling my brain into a gloopy mush. Was the moon flashing red or was that just a stoplight?

  • Variant



    Bring on the Pepto apocalypse.

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark



  • Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper


    perfect movie imo

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    when i feel like shit it's a 5 when i feel ok it's a 4

  • Staying Alive

    Staying Alive


    needed my inhaler and a glass of water after every montage