A Dog's Will

A Dog's Will ★★★★

I'm brazilian so I have legal permission to rate this less than 5 stars.

fun fact: my mom used to have the DVD boxset to this but my aunt fucking STOLE IT. and wherever that DVD is it's probably her most valuable possession because goddamn this is a rare torrent right here.

I was really curious if this was gonna hold up from my childhood and while some odd cuts and outdated effects do hold it back from being the best it could be, it pretty much does. the writing is the strongest suit. it's hilarious, very monty python but delivered at ridiculous speeds. the inclusion of plenty of nordeste-isms and visits to the thesaurus makes some of the jokes difficult to fully parse at times, which adds to the rewatch value. the ending is also surprisingly powerful, revealing a compassionate heart towards the people of the sertão it mercilessly parodies in its first half, which is what I think has made it so enduring.

all the performances are great. matheus nachtergaele is obviously the highlight but I don't think there's a single weak link here. selton mello was indeed a childhood crush, and on rewatch I can confirm he is indeed still very nice to look at. virginia cavendish is beautiful but I can not agree with the WRONG and TASTELESS men of this story who find her prettier than denise fraga, who's an absolute goddess in this.

kind of a miracle movie in that it is both very very christian and very very much a mainstream brazilian comedy, two genres of film that are overflowing with sooo much mediocrity, but it's also good. wish studio globo had done much more of these classical literary adaptations because there's so much good to pull from as far as classical brazillian authors are concerned!

where's the criterion release?

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