The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter ★★★½

PRO: The performances were all top-notch.

CON: It dragged a bit.

PRO: The Russian Roulette scenes were suspenseful every time because the characters were well-developed.

CON: Gaps in the movie's timeline (ex: how did they get captured by the Viet Cong?) confused me at times.

PRO: "One shot."

CON: Some events seemed too coincidental (ex: Nick happening upon a Russian Roulette game of which Michael is a part of)

PRO: It's a good-looking movie, and I liked the music that was used.

I feel as though I may have to rewatch this, considering I began to drift off (due to both my general sleepiness and the film's extensive running time of 3 hrs) and had to rewind a few times. Not a terrible movie by any means, but I've got my gripes with it on this first viewing.

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