Moonlight ★★★★★

This movie is one of the most interesting films of the year and of my life thus far. I have never felt this emotionally captivated... I'm in awe of Barry Jenkins right now. I didn't cry during the movie (shocked at myself & proud) but this movie made me dig deep into my life. My heart was ripped out and put back together again. The performances in this film were incredible. The ensemble as a whole did an incredible job. Mahersala Ali in his segment did an INCREDIBLE job. Janelle Monae is so gorgeous on film and is such a natural. Makes me even more excited for her soon to be seen performance in Hidden Figures. Naomie Harris is great... All the boys who play Chiron were great.. And Andre Holland was so beautiful to look at.... The score was sublime. The editing & cinematography were out of this world.... The writing was clean and fluid... I like that it was 3 segments.. The directing is the best part. Mr. Jenkins is an remarkable talent. Thank you Mr. Jenkins & Co. I'm very pleased. #Roscars2017 Bitch we out.

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