The Color of Money

The Color of Money ★★★½

Works best as a continuation of Fast Eddie's story than a vehicle for Tom Cruise. As established in The Hustler, the real focus of the hustle is character. Scorsese is clearly interested in the residue of Eddie's lack of character before and his dedication to that now. Cruise, with his grandstanding, high-kicking and nunchucking pool cues, is everything Eddie was and more. He's something Eddie wants to mold before it's too late. Cruise, as an actor, seems a little out of his element against Newman and overcompensates in ways that detract from the purpose of the performance. Also, Cruise's hair. What's on point here isn't really the hustles or the procedure of the game, like in The Hustler, but Eddie's rediscovery of his true passion and what the extent of character might mean inside the shout of "I'm back!"