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  • Elena


    What does it mean to be truly gone? To die?

    No, really, take a minute to ponder over that. Do we simply dissipate back to the atoms we're composed of?

    But what about the more abstract parts of us? Our hopes, dreams, fears, and of course, memories. Are they grains of sand too? Carried away by the light wind of the inevitable?

    All this uncertainty has been talked over for centuries with no avail. Like Socrates said, death is nothing…

  • A Special Day

    A Special Day


    A shoulder shared is weight lifted.

    Despite the different lives we lead and the incompatible views we carry, loneliness, strangely enough, brought us closer. Surrounded by so many, yet so alone.

    Perhaps it's mere chance or maybe the path was craved long ago, all I can say with certainty is that you saved me, this fateful, dark day. Maybe a day is all our friendship will get in this life, but maybe that's all it needed.

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  • Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project

    Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project

    i have finally found a reason to live until 2022

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    "Your question are much more revealing about yourself than my answer would be about me."

    An entire day and several scraped reviews later, here I am. Speechless. Yes I realise the blatant irony in writing that, but I truly am. I struggle remember the last time a film broke my expectations of the possibilities & boundaries of art.

    Antonioni's vision, in both his filmmaking & his philosophy has floored me. It's beyond words, at least the ones I know. Just pure cinematic magic. Maybe someday I'll capture it's quiet melancholy with my words. Maybe Someday.⁣