Shame ★★★½!! And this a different kind of wow than my other movie wows. This time when I say wow I mean, I got all angles of Michael Fassbender. Yummy. 

Steve McQueen can make a good looking film, that’s for sure. I appreciate his eye for interesting close ups, and he knows how to shoot New York. But this story was A Lot. And while I feel like the sex addiction part was flushed out and Steve was like “here’s how addiction ruins your life even if it’s sex” (which always will be kind of lol to carry the weight of the tone of this film), the subplot of the sibling relationship was so unexplained. Why is Sissy crawling into Brandon’s bed like that?? Why is Brandon mounting her in his towel?? We hear nothing about their childhood or the source of their trauma which is very question mark for me in terms of all that’s going on for these characters.

A hell of a movie. And shoutout to Carey Mulligan.

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