Cinderella ★★

What a disappointment this Cinderella retelling was. I really tried to like it but it just didn't work for me.
First of all, I'm sorry but I just find Camilla Cabello unlikable but also the rest of the cast was nothing special. I only liked Billy Porter and Pierce Brosnan but the first one was in only one scene and second... they weren't brave enough to give Brosnan a (serious) song so I felt like his character was wasted.
Talking about the songs, I hated all of them. They are staged in such a boring way and the new arrangements are nothing special. There are two new songs as well but they are very forgettable. Million to One sounded so familiar I was sure it was a cover. Only at the end, I realized it reminded me of Born To Be Brave.
The costumes were also terrible, what was the Prince's sister wearing?! I only like the one of Billy Porter, maybe because it also had a cool transformation.
The story was, meh. It had some nice elements, I liked that they gave Ella a dream of wanting to have a shop of her own and I found interesting what they did with the stepmother. However, the story felt too... I'm sorry to say it because I hate this term, #girlboss and it was so on the nose, to the point that it didn't feel genuine.
It also had a few funny moments but it wasn't enough.

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