Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Fun, beautiful, moving, hilarious, absurd and incredibly well done. Everything everywhere all at once is something unlike anything you’ve seen before, and has such a charming quality to it that it’s difficult not to smile through the entirety of the movie- even when you feel like crying. The characters are so well constructed that they force you to care about them, to empathize with them and put yourself in their shoes. I could go on and on about everything others have already said about this movie but something I truly admire about it is the attention to the detail, there’s so many shots and sequences that could’ve been done in a much simpler way and still would’ve been effective, but the directors & crew took it a step further and made it the best it could be. From the editing to the script to the performances to the lighting to the set design to the color correction to the sound design to the casting and beyond, this is such a massive achievement in filmmaking and the fact that it has so much absurdity in it (pulled off perfectly by the Daniels, like in their beautifully absurd debut with Swiss Army Man) just makes it all that much better. God I love movies.

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