• Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II


    Nightmare on Prom Night. this sequel to the original Prom Night isn’t as tightly filmed, but i had waaaay more fun with this one. you can see Elm Street & Carrie’s supernatural influence all over this, and it makes for some really creative & horrifying set pieces. that bedroom rocking horse will haunt my dreams. i went into this with incredibly low expectations, but i was so pleasantly surprised?! if you’re looking for a supernatural 80s slasher with an iconic (possibly queer coded??) female villain,…

  • Dolls



    most fun i’ve had with a movie in a while ! a surprising, twisted little fairytale slasher. feels a bit like a B movie creature feature, but it’s incredibly creative & doesn’t take itself too seriously. very Gremlins in tone. some rly cool practical effects as well. if you love creepy dolls and 80s horror comedies, definitely check this one out!

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    25 minutes. i gave this white man 25 minutes to make me laugh. that’s all i could take. this is white culture. white-on-white crime

  • Sorority Row

    Sorority Row


    pros: some semi-decent death scenes. a couple funny one-liners. ensemble cast of mean girls. iconic Carrie Fisher as the sorority house mother. the framework of an 80s classic slasher.
    cons: a late 2000s, horror remake with the distasteful comedy pitfalls of that era. a painfully, underutilized Carrie Fisher, despite one cool scene. characters that are incredibly uninteresting or unlikable.
    final thots: look, i’m all for bitchy characters... (Gale from Scream is my queen), but they have to have some sort of charisma.…

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    a semi-brutal soft serving of 90s slasher nostalgia with an interwoven queer love story. i enjoyed the nods to Scream. it was nice to hear Marco Beltrami’s contribution to the score. you can see Stranger Things impact all over this as well, which i’m personally a little fatigued by now. the writing was a little eh. i think the emphasis on nostalgia, instead of trying to break new ground is what held this back for me. but, it’s still a…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    fuck YES ! some rly amazing science fiction horror. everything from the soundtrack to the cinematography to the special effects. just rly effectively done... and that final scene ... omg. loved this remake so much. Veronica Cartwright stole the show. also, the fact that this movie is rated PG just goes to show how fear and terror can be induced from simply using creative camerawork and sound design to invoke dread. brilliant

  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In


    beautifully made. a realistic & emotionally driven take on vampires. the most touching aspect of the story is that the boy accepts the vampire / considers being with them romantically regardless of their gender...or bloodlust

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


    will need to rewatch as i was incredibly stoned and fell asleep half way through but the opening exorcism was terrifying and then it got rly boring/felt like a completely different tone from the last 2 films. it’s a shame James Wan didn’t return to direct this

  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    James Wan managed to direct an almost perfect sequel. And Vera Farmiga continues to be a queen

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    still terrifying. also, Vera Farmiga is a queen

  • Bound



    ABSOLUTELY ICONIC. such a singular vision. everything from the acting to the set design to the costumes are perfection & compliment each other beautifully. a lgbt film with BITE and with so many layers of gender power dynamics. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon are both mesmerizing to watch in this and probably my favorite film duo now. highly recommend

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut

    Urban Legends: Final Cut


    i remember watching this one a lot as a kid bc of the film school setting (which i still find to be v fun), but watching it back to back w/ the first movie just made me think... why the hell is this even an Urban Legends film???
    sure, Loretta Devine is back (being an icon as usual & rly the only tether from the last film) and yeah, urban legends are used (barely) ...but it’s just completely forced into the…