Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★

I have had this on my watchlist for a while, but never got a chance to see it in the cinema. Finally, I got ahold of a digital copy and decided to give it a look....
As with most biblical based movies, Noah also being a good example, directors seem to thread on a very thin line, on one side, you need to make an entertaining movie that will appeal to a large crowd and make the movie a box office success, and on the other, you have to make sure not to offend the Christians, the true purists. I dont want to make this a religious discussion, but personally, as a christian and a movie fan, i understand the way the movie industry works, and for a movie based on a story from the bible, that woudl require extensive CG and wardrobe and all that... it would require a large budget, and to make it a success, it needs to perform well to ensure that the movie wasnt a failure. Hence, as a director, you probably need to take a few liberties with certain aspects, to appeal to a more broader demographic, than just the Christian fate.
However, the purists dont look at it this way, and I had a couple friends of mine tell me that they "walked out the movie" because they were too appalled by what they were seeing....
My question, what was so appalling?! So, after finally watching this movie, this is the conclusion I've come to.... You cant make everybody happy!!!
This movie has a great director in Ridley Scott, as well as a stellar cast, including Christian Bale, Sygorney Weaver and Sir Ben Kingsley. The effects, costumes and set pieces are amazing - really capturing the true essence of Egypt and how life them must have been... for all that, I can honestly say that the attention to detail was extremely specific. Even the movie, for the most part, follows the story of Moses from the book of Exodus in the Bible pretty closely. I guess the biggest " insult" in this movie, was that God is perceived a snooty little kid with a British accent... yes, it is in this form, that God speaks to Moses, instructing him on what to do to free his people from the Egyptian rule, right until he gives him the 10 commandments. I'm fine with this... I mean, it is a Hollywood movie afterall... but whats so wrong with God showing himself physically in the form of a child?
Oh, and another thing was how could Moses part the red sea in his sleep? Well, in actuality it wasnt, he had dream and saw a vision and when he awoke, the vision had taken effect, ie the sea had calmed down enough for the Hebrews to cross... I mean seriously, theres so many liberties taken with Comic Book movies and other films based on pre-written stories, why would the Bible be any different... especially a large scale, big budget movie?!
The biggest complaint about this movie, is that its pretty boring at times, and i agree, that with a 2 and a half hour runtime, there are points in the film that feel a bit stagnant, but aside from that, the battle scenes are LOTR caliber, and the plague scenes are excellently executed. Evem the actors do great jobs in their respective roles, and I believe that Christian Bale (hmmm.....) gave us a captivating Moses, even though the spectacle going on in Egypt and God's acts was pretty much the bigger draw card.
Maybe a 2nd watch would seem a bit tiresome, but I enjoyed the first... having a brief Idea of the actual biblical tale definately helped in the enjoyment. 3/5

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