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  • Vampyr



    Astonishing visual language. Watching this feels like being in a dream or a nightmare. I was skeptical about this film at first knowing that it was part talkie/part silent but it isn't that at all. It's a beautiful blend of every technique needed to tell this story - sound, silence, music, acting, framing, cinematography - . Only a master director like Carl Theodor Dreyer can make such a simple, bare bones story feel so cinematic. This is cinema in its purest form. Visual poetry. Pause the film at any second and there you have a picture resembling a painting.

  • The Patsy

    The Patsy


    With Mank coming out soon and the excitement that I feel for it, I had a strong desire to watch a Marion Davies film and man, she is so good in The Patsy. Davies was a true comedic talent and no Citizen Kane mythology or William Randolph Hearst affair can change that. Her impersonations of some of the most famous dames of the silent era are so spot on, it's uncanny. The faces she makes throughout the whole film are…

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  • The Wind

    The Wind


    Terrifying from its first minutes, The Wind can best be described as a psychological horror film that fills you with dread and anxiety. Victor Sjöström does a masterful job at creating a nightmarish atmosphere. I could feel the wind on my skin, I could hear it howl, I could see it coming towards me. Sjöström visualizes the force of nature that is the wind as a living, breathing character. The desolate landscapes, the surreal swaying of the objects, the powerful…

  • Blonde Crazy

    Blonde Crazy


    You know it's pre-code when Guy Kibbee shows up playing a dirty old man and a sucker...

    The first half of the film is so fun and naughty. Full of wisecracking dialogue and slaps! And what slaps! The second half is more melodramatic with an inevitable moralistic ending that makes the movie somewhat tonally disjointed. Nonetheless, this is James Cagney and Joan Blondell at their best and their chemistry is fantastic. It's a shame that they didn't make more movies…