Mudbound ★★★

A big ol' wallow in Deep South injustice and misery, the kind of film where you think 'It's got everything but the KKK!' and then they appear, right at the end. Scene-by-scene plotting is sturdy (even if it's obvious where the plot is going) and it has the smarts to make clear that the white family - we're in rural Mississippi in the 1940s - are just as unhappy as the black one (both sides take on voice-over duties at different points), making the bigotry and systemic oppression seem even more sad and pointless. Characters are familiar - proud-but-pliant dad, self-sacrificing mom, angry son who's not going to take it any more - or just half-baked, but the steady narrative beat kept me watching. At the very least, after the likes of Okja and I Am the Pretty Thing..., it's refreshing to see Netflix making a movie that actually feels like it belongs on Netflix.