Halloween ★★★★★

"Was that the Boogeyman?"
"As a matter of fact, it was"

A masterful lesson in the power of simplicity. Halloween is a very simple film executed to perfection. Michael Myers isn't explained, and this was before the silly Laurie is Michael's younger sister twist, so he was just pure evil going after her for no reason. John Carpenters intent was to make Michael Myers pure evil and not relatable in the slightest which is why he isn't given any reason for his actions making it, so the audience can't relate to him or root for him in the slightest. This is helped by the fact that all the characters are superb especially Laurie Strode who's now perhaps the most iconic final girl in a horror film. Compare this so the first Friday the 13th which is obviously riding on the success of Halloween and while it boasts wonderful blood and gore has terrible characters and writing where the audience doesn't give a damn about any characters and there isn't any suspense whatsoever. This is a simple film about a man of pure evil with a mask and knife going after teens on Halloween night and is a horror classic because of its atmosphere, good characters, iconic score and excellent use tension and scares. If it wasn't for my plan to watch the sequels again before the new film I would've saved this for October 31st as it really is the quintessential Halloween experience.

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