Halloween ★★★★★

In the opening sequence of Halloween the camera follows a young boy from his point of view as he grabs a kitchen knife and heads up the stairs proceeding to murder his older sister. As he walks outside his mask is taken off showing just a normal looking child. No this isn't some boy who was edged to become a murderer through living with some awful white trash family (the Zombie remake) or any other reason he's just a normal boy from a normal family who committed an act of evil for no reason. He is Michael Myers's and he is the boogie man.

Halloween is a film that's truly gotten better each time I've seen it and this time I hold it as a masterpiece and one of the greatest horror films of all time. When I was a kid I remember this on television and thinking it was boring and thinking the sequels were much better (I was a dumb kid who just wanted cool kills and blood.) I watched the film again a year or two ago and loved it far more finding great appreciation for it. This time however I found it terrifying the now respect it like never before. The film just emits the spirit of Halloween and the season of Autumn. As the film introduces Laurie Strode the text changes from Haddonfield to Halloween and Laurie's Theme starts playing which is a truly remarkable simple yet haunting atmospheric piece perfectly accompanying a simple walk to school. And that's what makes this film so effective is the wonderful atmosphere Carpenter sets up here due to the way the camera moves following Michael stalking his prey alongside one of the greatest most iconic film scores of all time. This is one of finest example's of a simple and effective horror film with a force of unstoppable pure evil with no reasoning or motivation behind his actions going after the innocent. Halloween has been replicated numerous time's but it's never even come close to being beaten and probably never will be. This is definitely going to be a film I revisit often for now on especially during October.

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