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🎡All I need is a miracle, all I need is you🎡

Take a bow Pablo LarraΓ­n and Steven Knight for directing and writing such a harrowing and beautiful film respectively. From the first scene in itself where Diana played absolutely award winning performance by Kristen Stewart is interested in meeting the Scarecrow rather then attending the pre-christmas or as ROYALS says first Christmas celebration in palace gives the indication of what the film is about. The film doesn't take a single second to get going into the mindset of Princess Diana at all. The way this film conveys the pretence of celebrating Christmas during the scandalous time is brilliant and very layered without revealing too much during the Sandringham 1991. The alluring thing about this film is the costume design, with each sequence we get to see the swap of costumes which were addressed many times in the film too, in a way the dresses were indicating the difference between the real and unreal aspect of Diana's feelings, like in the crowd where her dress was indicating her being fake whereas she was trying to be free in her costumes in locked up room which pretty much sums up the freedom psychologically Diana was facing. With all this it's pretty apparent the movie is going to be a hard watch and not at all lightly, with each passing second the film becomes more horrifying and makes you think whether it's real or not which Diana herself says to Maggie her dresser in one of the scene.
To see kirsten Stewart giving so unorthodox performance is really quite shocking and she delivered what I could say one for the ages. Her accent, her way of behaving and most important her body language is so like Diana which is really beautiful. Stephen Knight's writing made sure that audience isn't going to sympathies with her like she's innocent, he gave the character of Diana a humane treatment which I loved. The cinematography is to die for, the way the camera captures the coldness in the life of Diana also as well with present time was dazzling. Also the way the editing works here is fantastic, it gives enough time to audience to let know what she's going through and then instantly throws the audience to another scene, and the way editing helps to build the tension with each sequence is something I noticed and adored. Also this film is little bit triggering with the creating illusion during the sad times, gaining and losing weight, Self damaging and imagining to kill herself, yes the film is harrowing and knowing the world she was in it is terrifying to think what she went through and this film portrays that unabashedly. Also the mental state in the second half pretty much reminded me of the film Joker (not even kidding) where i was asking myself a lot that either this is happening or all this is happening in her head. But as much as this film lights on her frail aspects, the film shows her sensitive side too beautifully. Also the orchestral music is pretty much bossing this film, specially the Pearls track which I'm gonna keep hearing for some day. That whole pearls sequence at dinner table is fantastically choreographed. All in all, this film is truly fantastic and really shows the facade world of Royals and how one can get trap into it. I have always been a fan of Diana, and to see this side of her which I already knew was quite upsetting and for me that means well done job by the makers. Kristen Stewart is coming for that Oscar. I hope this movie is gonna win for the music as well as costume design. Also to end the film with "all I need is miracle" Is poetic. Terrific film. Cinema. 🎬

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