Casablanca ★★★★

"Here's Looking At You, Kid."

Can see the film influencing many films and it's impact and loved how the film fusioned the high tension in between the WW 2 and a triangular love story, and I admire the direction and technical aspect and having great perspective on the destruction of war for people irrespective of their nationality but somewhat the film didn't worked well enough for me with the love story, explaining the problem of Ilsa not leaving Paris with Richard so half bakedly and all the mess in 3rd act. Irrespective of that this film did great job with the political aspect and that scene with Germans and French singing in Rick nightclub stands out for me. Overall a good film with complex screenplay, great camera work and some memorable quotes with great performances, this surely is a must watch. I just wish the romantic angle would have been a little better also showing too much of what happened in Paris ruined it for me, leave something for audience imagination.

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