M3GAN ★★★★

That was a lot of fun, I love how funny this movie is, I watched the unrated version, which probably just means a few extra curse words, so I doubt a cut difference will make a big deal. I would say this is a comedy horror with probably more comedy than horror, despite its advertisement, then again that could just be my warped taste. There is no doubt that plot wise you are going to get exactly what you would expect, but again it's funny and entertaining, so I won’t knock it too much for being predictable. Performances are solid all around especially from the young McGraw who does a great job showing a range of emotions. I think the varied opinions could be based on what you are expecting. If you are expecting a new twist on the old killer doll trope, you are going to be disappointed as there is really nothing here we really hadn’t seen before, but if you want to be entertained and laugh at a movie where people get maimed or killed, then this is right up your ally.

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