Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

International Theatrical Version

Ok so the enigma of which Version to watch. Scott will tell you to watch The Final Cut, but honestly, I think it is personal preference. I choose to watch this Version because, like the Theatrical Version it has the narration. Yes many people don't like it, yes I agree it sounds a bit hoaky, but I also think hoaky narration was a big part of film nor and this is a neo noir film so it fits. I don't like the tacked on ending, so Workprint Version maybe my personal favorite. Oh and I do not accept the Unicorn dream, so that is another reason I don't care for Scott's Version.

This is the ugliest beautiful film out there so gritty and raw, but in a gloriously loving way. The extra blood and violence of this Version appeals to the horror fan in me. This film no matter what Version is a master piece.

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