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  • Casablanca
  • Psycho
  • Scenes from a Marriage
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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  • The Dead Pool


  • Sudden Impact


  • The Enforcer


  • Magnum Force


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  • Arthur



    One of my favorite movies of all time. In my top ten depending on what day you ask me. I can't even use enough adjectives to describe just how much I love this movie and what it means to me. Moore's performance in my opinion is iconic. I've seen many others play drunk, but none as endearing as Moore's Arthur. Gielgud's Oscar winning performance will always put this movie on cinephiles radar, but there is so much more to this…

  • Patton



    170 minutes of one classic scene after the next, truly an outstanding movie and possibly the best War movie ever made.

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  • Ted 2

    Ted 2


    Interestingly Ted wasn’t quite as good as I remembered and this isn’t quite as bad as I remembered. I do think it could easily be chalked up as a useless sequel good for a few laughs, but the naughty teddy bear schtick was barely good enough for one film let alone two. I do think that this film is a little more toned down on the raunchiness and may not be as high on the cringe factor. That is very…

  • Another 48 Hrs.

    Another 48 Hrs.


    Not as gritty or dark as the original. 48hrs was an 80’s film that could have passed it’s self off as a 70’s film. Another 48Hrs came out in 1990 but very much feels like a 90’s movie with how glossy and shallow it all seems. I think this film is heavier on the action and actually a bit lighter on the Comedy. Murphy had matured quite a bit and had done this type of role many times to where…

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  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata


    Wow, even better than I remembered. So utterly brutal, just like Scene From a Marriage. Liv and Ingrid toe to toe in an epic battle of out of this world acting skills. Watch something like Cries and Whispers and see how Liv is cruel and seductive, then to Autumn Sonata where she spends so much of it meek and passive. Watch Gaslight to see Ingrid vulnerable to this, where she is cold and callus. Just two utterly outstanding performances.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Is DC finally catching up to MCU? The Batman is easily the best film about the caped crusader in a long time. Ok no need to be vague it is easily the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight. While watching this, if we are comparing it to DC films, this is the standard in which they should be living up to, if we are comparing it to MCU then it’s a good entry but not exactly at the level…