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  • Serenity



    Impressively dumb. This is inspired stupidity. If only it were more enjoyable. Steven Knight really went for it, and it establishes a universe and sticks to it. But it’s really fucking dumb.

    Above is my 2-star review from when I first watched this back in January. This is a great example of how mindset and expectations can effect your viewing experience. It turns out, I actually thoroughly enjoy this movie. “Inspired” is a perfect adjective to describe this movie, which…

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    All Metal Everything

    Shinya Tsukamoto‘s debut feature is A Whole Lot packed into a lean 67 minutes. Super ambitious in it‘s story, visual style, and special effects (all of which are terrifyingly surreal, chaotic, and staples in Tsukamoto‘s body of work as a whole). TETSUO is viscerally disturbing for it‘s entire runtime. Body horror that would make David Cronenberg shudder.

    A couple of years ago, one of my best friends from high school came over to smoke weed. He asked…

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  • The Steel Helmet

    The Steel Helmet


    Sam Fuller‘s Korean War drama was so critical of the US Government that he was investigated by the FBI after it‘s release. If that alone doesn‘t convince you that Fuller was one of the greatest American filmmakers in history then I can‘t help you.

    Turns out back in 1951, if you made a film that was anti-war/anti-segregation and reminded US audiences about the Japanese internment camps of WWII, you were a danger to society.

  • Klute



    Absolutely stupendous Neo-Noir in every regard. Gordon Willis‘ cinematography is sublimely atmospheric and in combination with Michael Small‘s eery score, sometimes elevates KLUTE‘s thriller elements to that of a horror film. This obviously went on the inspire a million and one “cops work with sex-worker to find serial killer“ knock-offs in the 80s-90s, but KLUTE stands apart by being so completely compassionate. Doesn‘t sacrifice character for plot for one second, and what‘s more, KLUTE is a Sex-Work Positive & Therapy Positive…