The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall ★★★★½

Jeymes Samuel brings so much style and substance to this film, giving enough breathing time for almost all the characters to shine in there own way. The fact Jeymes also did the score to allows his vision to fully shine in all its bloody glory.
Lakeith was the standout of the cast for Mez but everyone does an incredible job, proving why Jonathan Majors is getting cast in everything these days.
For negatives, the pacing drops a bit too slow part way into act two and stays that way for about half an hour, it's not bad to watch there but it is a bit too slowly paced.
Overall Jeymes gives gives a bloody, fun, wild and heartfelt ride, well worthy of the price of admission (or watching on Netflix if you cannot see the early theatrical release.

Watched at BFI London Film Festival

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