Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★

the long awaited return of marvel studios to the big screen is finally here and what they brought to the table did not disappoint! 

black widow marks the first film of phase 4 within the marvel cinematic universe and was a great edition to the studios roster of origin / solo character films. it follows natasha romanoff (black widow) right after the events of captain america: civil war and ties in incredibly well with the mcu canon. the film did a great job of tying up most loose ends for the character and her story within the franchise giving natasha the spotlight she has deserved since her debut within the mcu in 2010.

the film also introduces us to some incredible new characters joining the franchise played by actors who brought top notch performances, especially my beloved florence pugh. the cast as a whole had great chemistry together and that really helped make this even more captivating and emotional. the film had a lot of seriousness behind the plot and definitely showcased a much darker side to the mcu that we haven’t seen much before. a step in the right direction for the studio for sure. 

overall, i really enjoyed this film and think it was a great send off to our nat even though it was long overdue. and as always can’t wait to see what marvel studios has in store for us in the coming years with the new characters and stories that they’ve set up with this film.

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