Love ★★

Noé’s most pretentious, narcissistic, and self indulgent film.

I didn’t like it, I truly didn’t like it. It’s poorly written, the dialogue is terrible at times, the acting goes from cringe to barely passable, and the sex scenes just feel so excessive that they dilute the film’s message completely. I felt no empathy to the characters and I was bored for a majority of the film. Even the cinematography wasn’t on par with his other work (strobing lights as people move isn’t impressive after seeing it for the 8th time). 

To me it seems Noé was just trying to defend his obsession with sex for majority of the movie while he also metaphorically stroking his pseudo-artistic vision throughout. Not cool Gaspar, not cool.

Guys look, it’s the Love Hotel from Enter the Void. Also woah guys look the kid’s name is Gaspar. Also woah her ex’s name is Noé, and damn her ex is Gaspar Noé woah. Like bro we get it you want to fuck yourself chill out.

4.6 / 10

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