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  • Cure
  • Fallen Angels
  • Branded to Kill
  • The Face of Another

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  • The Sword of Doom

    The Sword of Doom


    Please please before you do anything else go sign this petition I made to change the name of this movie to The Asshole Samurai, link here.

    The stoic gaze of the hero has been violently morphed into the unrelentingly lifeless eyes of our lead. In Okamoto’s The Sword of Doom, nothing follows the conventional samurai narrative, our story focuses on the antagonist, or the representation of evil, unflinching brutality, and a coldness that surpasses even the harshest of tundras. The imagery…

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love



    THERAPIST, (mid-40s), scruffy beard, thick glasses, plaid shirt with rolled sleeves, sits alone in his tranquil office, sipping coffee and perusing nondescript papers in his lap. On his right is a large window lighting up his profile, and similarly revealing various dusty psychology and philosophy books safely tucked away on his bookshelf for display. Hanging on the wall, illuminated by the light, is a PhD certificate from Harvard. All of a sudden, PP, (early twenties),…

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