Nocturne ★★★½

Went for a refreshing two hour walk basically as far down as we could go before the trail got flooded out. Maybe longer later but not today. Wanted to do a watch party today and even considered this but the timing didn’t work out so I decided no sense in stressing out about fitting it. Next week though I think I should have a Netflix solution.

Let me tell you I’m such a fool whenever a list comes to me I wanted to watch Black Box for other reasons but once I heard that blumhouse was doing a special four movie release my brain clicked on to watch em all. At least with Blumhouse they’re good about like having a diverse cast of directors right so it’s worth fueling my gourd with these instead of just classic whites dudes making horror. I feel weird watching only 2020 movies over and over but I just felt the push to watch these.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately with regards to music that I think everyone kinda believes is that because music is so personal it almost doesn’t matter if they’ve got like super compelling compositions? Like if you have something to say and even if you don’t have the talent to say it in a unique way I value your passion and desire a lot more. I hope this is clear it’s just my pretentious look at musicians I love to be able to hear the person under the music and passion is infectious no matter what pitchfork score it gets. In part this movie asks how far can passion go. It’s an interesting subversion too cause it kinda tricks us into thinking passion is one thing then later it tells us no passion is something different. It’s a clever interpretation of an unreliable narrator I was kinda impressed with the twist in this. On the other hand I think the movie tries to spin a “back in my day they used to make real music now all they do is press a button and it makes the music for them” which I really hate and the ending solidifies that and it’s just a really dumb moment that dilutes the impact of the movie. The ending also does the thing where a character delivers a line of dialogue that explains the artistry of the ending like it’s an ambiguous ending to express the ambiguity between talent and success but it would’ve worked a lot more if the main character’s sister had not said that outright moments before. Better than I was expecting and I’m excited to see the other two blumhouse movies.

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