Sleepwalkers ★★★★

🌜Daily Horror Hunt #27 (Sept. 2020)🌛
[7] Watch a Stephen King movie.

Incestuous shape-shifting catty-vampire mother 'n' son duo, drifting from town to town in their invisible Trans-Am, feeding off the cgi lifeblood of young virginal Mädchen Amicks all across the nation, while a horde of murderous feral kitties follows ever so close behind (CLOVIS - The Attack Cat ❤️). King claims he quit writing on liquor 'n' blow sometime back in '86... Sleepwalkers says otherwise.

This movie man, just... WOW! A chaotic mess of early 90's fever dream horror, where no idea is too stupid, no concept too crazy, no story too far-fetched – the tone is kinda all over the place, but makes for a real feast of fun for the eyeballs. A nonsense filled creature feature just havin' a good time. A cop gets stabbed TO DEATH with a corn cob, because of course he does. Ron Perlman shows up in the last twenty minutes and is somehow NOT a Sleepwalker (like c'mon, really... how?). And this was made all the better by the massive rush of nostalgia I got when I realized I'd seen this as a kid and totally forgot all about it! How I could forget this wild ride, I'll never know...

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