Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★

☘️Daily Horror Hunt #21 – March 2020☘️
28. Watch any horror movie that Bruno Mattei had anything to do with, he could be the writer, producer, director, etc.

"You lousy bunch of turds, get back to your graves!"

Bruno Mattei in the director's chair, Claudio Fragasso doing the writing, and Goblin providing the ominous tunes. Man, that's a combo I can get behind. Sure, about a third of the movie is just wandering through the jungle, with scenes lifted from a tribal funeral and nature docs. (though it's nice to see an Italian horror flick not depict the natives as mindless cannibal savages!). And sure, the dialogue is spoken in that Fragasso not-of-this-world kinda way, with an extremely cheesy, melodramatic dubbing over top. And sure, Goblin just lifted a couple songs from previous films for the soundtrack. But the undead action... that's all that matters, and it's oh so good!

I never would of guessed that "Operation: Sweet Death" would've been a massive catastrophic failure of green fog and zombirific proportions but here we are. Splattery head shots, maggot eating, zombie children, rat disembowelings, tongue ripping, melty faces, and some gal's head getting turned into a fleshy sock puppet! The effects aren't the best looking in the gore department, but I'll take quantity over quality in a zombie flick anyday. What a bloody mess!

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