Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★

🩸Daily Horror Hunt #25 (July 2020)🩸
(9) What year did your ninth birthday take place? Watch a horror film from that year.

Splatter and Gore Department! Where do I sign up!!

When censoring films just isn't enough, time to start censoring the world all around, piece by splatterific piece! Evil Ed pays homage to the sloshy splatter comedy classics of yore, a wink 'n' nod to Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and the ilk, with a bevy of blood-squirtin' butchery & brutality. I love the aesthetic of it all – editing gore flicks in a spooky dark mansion, creatures stirring in the corners of the mind, sick lookin' horror posters covering the walls, the whir of a chainsaw, screams echoing in the air... beaver rape and bazookas! Who wouldn't go a little mad!

But is it too much of a good thing? Yeah, kinda. I thought this wrapped up pretty smoothly at the hour mark, an easy four stars. Seeing it get stretched out for another forty minutes at a psych ward sounds fine, but my eyes started glazing over. The pacing gets all out of whack and it just got to be too much fun.

The gore became a bore, the splatter got flatter, Ed left me dead ☠️

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