A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

Dream Warriors is the last Freddy movie before he went totally soft. He still has that mean spiritedness about him, wisecracking, yet cruel. He's still got the icky-gooey-sticky, pizza-face makeup, and most of the special effects involving him still hold up today. This is the Freddy I remember! It's the same reason I love the second film, despite the hate it gets. Freddy hadn't turned into a true cultural icon until after three. Once that happened all the other movies leaned way too far into the "sassy" side of Freddy, turning the character into one big lame joke. This Freddy is still mean... This Freddy is still grotesque... This Freddy is still a total nightmare.

Something else lacking in the later films, part 3 has a cast of characters that are actually interesting to watch, they make the movie feel like some kind of videogame like adventure. It's no wonder they made an NES game based on this movie... and I played the shit out of that game as a kid! Each actor has their own individual powers and identities, and you can't help but feel some kind of connection with them. The movie does a wonderful job by keeping all the characters confined to the same mental home, creating a family-like vibe between them and the audience. As a young kid, I just felt so connected with each and every one. What kid didn't want to be motherfuckin' Roland Kincaid, after watching this movie! Talk about a hero.

Let's go kick the motherfucker's ass all over dreamland!

You tell 'em, Kincaid! Shame what happened to him in the next flick...

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