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  • A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse

    A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse


    Just when you think you've seen it all, and nothing in a horror flick could possibly leave you dumbfounded and in awe... BAM! Here comes Kazuhiko Yamaguchi with his Haunted Turkish Bathhouse, serving up a boiling hot banger of bubbles and bloodshed, a black cat befuddler that left my poor brain in a puddler!

    And to think, it all seemed somewhat normal for a pinku revenge story in the first half. All kinds of naked dancing bathtime goofiness with the…

  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes


    ”The sand just ruins everything, doesn't it?”

    Goddamn, what an absolutely harrowing experience. The day-to-day domestic nightmare personified in one man and one woman, each held prisoner in a struggle outside their own making. Lured and snagged like a fish on the line, another stuck in the only wretched existence they know. Digging against the dunes in pointless futility, finding small glimmers of hope before the cascading torrent of rot consumes everything in its wake. Life's radios always seem to…

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  • Trapped



    A Deliverance inspired slice of backwoods terror filtered through a Canadian lens, taken to the next level with a sadistic hillbilly Henry Silva hamming it up with a shotgun and a thick southern drawl, preaching 'bout THE LAW while losing his goddamn mind gives this film just the dose of chaotic energy it needed. Hell of a performance. Unfortunately, the story drags for most of the Henry-less middle act, and the side stuff with his cop brother ends up going nowhere, but its worth waiting around just to witness that crazy tar-drenched, antenna impaled, moonshine meltdown of a finale! A decent watch overall.

  • Centipede Horror

    Centipede Horror


    Yep, that's enough centipede vomiting for me today... anywho, this movie was great!

    Centipede Horror follows your typical Hong Kong curse-laden story vibes. Evil sorcerer dude infests his army upon a brother/sister duo as revenge for their grandfather's fiery sins, while a good priest conjures up some wild ass spells of his own for one chaotic battle of slithery, slimy, snake bursting, arthropod-filled anarchy! Starts off a bit mellower than I was expecting with maybe too much unneeded story build-up,…

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  • Frogs



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A man is poisoned by a lizard.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A woman out chasing butterflies is killed by snakes and leeches.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A man shoots himself in the leg and is killed by spiders.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A woman has her ankle attacked by a turtle and gets eaten by crabs.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A man is chased down and eaten by an alligator.
    *Camera zooms…

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night

    Silent Night, Deadly Night


    Punish... Punish... PUNISH!

    Hey nuns, maybe the kid who watched his parents get butchered by Santa, shouldn't be a part of Christmas arts and crafts, just sayin'. What do you expect... Poor Billy, first his parents get sliced up, then he gets stuck with a bunch of nuns, beaten with a belt, tied to a bed, and gets made to sit on Santa's lap! I can almost sympathize with him... almost. Killing Linnea Quigley was crossing the line though! Totally…