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  • Footlight Parade
  • Justin de Marseille

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  • Hawthorne of the U.S.A.

    Hawthorne of the U.S.A.


    A young American breaks the bank at Monte Carlo, then lands in an impoverished Ruritanian monarchy, on the verge of overthrowing the king. Difficulty; Hawthorne has just fallen in love with the crown princess, who is promised to the crown prince of a neighboring state. But don't count out American ingenuity just yet.

  • Find the King

    Find the King


    Sheltered rich boy Horton inherits a Nevada dive bar--and manages to defeat a notorious gambler with the card trick he's spent years perfecting.

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  • The Scarlet Empress

    The Scarlet Empress


    A fever dream of sex, violence, and grotesqueness. An impressionist sketch of infinite riches in a squalid little room.

    If some Lubitsch comedies are operettas minus the singing, The Scarlet Empress is unsung grand opera: a vestigial plot and a purely nominal basis in history, serving as a pretext for a series of star turns of the highest order. It's demented, and as in the operatic world, I intend that as the highest praise possible. If I knew more about 20th century music, I would lament that someone didn't collaborate with von Sternberg to give this work the musical setting it deserves.

  • When You Read This Letter

    When You Read This Letter


    When Bad Things Happen to People Who Deserve Worse

    Melville apparently tried to disown this film, and it is an outlier compared to the crime dramas for which he is best known. But this tale of a garage mechanic who attempts to better his life by exploiting women, only to meet his match in a novitiate who has involuntarily left her convent for the sake of her little sister, is a well-constructed melodrama, if you can accept it on those terms.