Favorite films

  • Ennio
  • Le Pélican
  • Études sur Paris
  • Clearcut

Recent activity

  • Babylon


  • The Car


  • Give a Girl a Break


  • Septet: The Story of Hong Kong


Recent reviews

  • The Americanization of Emily

    The Americanization of Emily


    Brillant, sharp dialogue from Paddy Chayefsky. Features one of the most exquisitely written break-up scenes I've ever seen.

  • Skinamarink



    Rarely has the childish dread of darkness been evoked with such radicalism and aesthetic abstraction. This film makes you literally penetrate the shadows to the point of trance, experiencing the most unfathomable of sensations by using sensory cues to enhance the audio and visual perception, giving the impression that every next shot is the complete unknown. Gradually, fascination borders on hypnosis. Skinamarink is an experience that brings back the most primitive fears and immerses us in the deepest texture of our own nightmares.

Popular reviews

  • Natural Enemies

    Natural Enemies


    One of the most nihilistic films I have seen in recent memory. Quite a punch in the gut.

  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    Such stuff as nightmares are made on.