Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Really didn’t expect this to work as much as it did, especially in those first two acts. After Scream 5 my expectations were as low as they could be, and I still hate that movie, so this really surprised me. I partially think it might be the fact that I saw Scream VI in cinemas but as as a later entry in a horror franchise, this is good! I cared about the characters this time and had quite a bit of fun with the new setting. My only complaint is that they overdid the “recently dead character coming back” trope, it’s just ridiculous at this point. That ending had people getting stabbed 40.000 times all over the place and they kept getting up and jumpscaring the audience again and again and again. Please.

However, I also have to agree with anybody saying these movies are repetitive as hell, what once was a groundbreaking meta-horror flick, defying and exposing the genre’s clichés, embracing them partially but also trying to go the other way, is now a rinse-and-repeat formulaic shell of what it used to be.
Every movie has to redefine the “rules” of horror and follow the same whodunnit attributes, which is ok if you want a good time but is also a shame because this saga started out as something truly remarkable. I truly hope they find something to revolutionise it all again, but I’m 99% sure they won’t lmao.

Still an okay flick with decent action; I will be there for a possible part VII.

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