Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Every new discovery is just a reminder- We’re all small & stupid. And who knows what great new discovery is coming next… to make us feel like even smaller pieces of shit.

And here weeee haveee my personal pick for most annoying movie of the year!!! 

So I finally checked Everything Everywhere All At Once Out and my god did this thing disappoint. It’s oscar night right as I’m writing this and I’m not really following anything but I’m sure this has already won something. 
It’s baffling how somebody can take every aspect of the MCU that I’ve absolutely grown to despise and make an “indie” film that not only incorporates the same type of stale humor but also features an incredibly tiresome amount of over the top soulless absurdity.
I probably could’ve had fun with all that if it weren’t for the fact that the film feels like it’s presenting itself as more important than it actually is. 
Near the beginning it felt like it was going to introduce topics like the treatment of immigrants in the Us and the search for one’s own sexual identity and while it partially went that way, the resolution is simply one of the cheesiest things I’ve probably ever witnessed. So we should be kinder to each other??? Is that really what this movie is about, other than some nihilist segments that highlight some of the worst writing of the year. I would’ve appreciated a bit more emphasis on the “dealing with cultural and generational expectations” part of the themes, but it just felt so undercut by every element trying so hard to be quirky. 

“If nothing else matter then why not be kind?”

If there are multiple universes I might be in the tackiest one. I’m aware that my dislike for this mainly comes from an unsatisfactory exchange of philosophies between Everything Everywhere All At Once and myself but I really can’t take the extremely on the nose message paired with an Albert Camusesque positive nihilism/absurdism seriously at all. I just can’t acknowledge all these things and then pretend like they’ve been ethically solved by making the best out of my life since “nothing matters, everything does and meaning can only be made out of chaos.” Nuh uh. Being kind will not solve many terrible problems that the world is plagued with, especially the ones shown here, this is dumb. So basically me and this movie are a terrible match, but at least it’s better than Blonde. 

It feels like a bait blockbuster that has to be overly convoluted and bizarre to be disguised as an indie film with maniacal editing and direction. And again, offering kindness as a resolution for homophobia and other incredibly important issues personally made this movie a superficial joke. And by the end of it I’ve been spoon fed so many things that I just want to puke it all out and go to sleep, pretending that I’d never even started watching it.

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