Senior Year

Senior Year ★★★★

As an adult freshly in my 30’s, I cannot say that where I am now is how I envisioned my future forming after high school. How can one even fathom waking up from a coma at age 37—having skipped the maturing and personal growth of two decades—still in a 17 year-old state of mind? This is exactly the clever concept behind Netflix’s shockingly great rom-com, Senior Year. The film is a decidedly modern take on a familiar formula, and one that completely wraps the viewer in its blanket of comforting nostalgia. A killer soundtrack overflows with 90s and early 2000s gems like “C’est La Vie” and an iconic mashup of “Hot in Here” and “A Moment Like This.” Best of all, this flick has massive heart, and a sharply-scripted bitchy/comedic tone resembling Never Been Kissed and Mean Girls. Get ready for your first day of Senior Year! 

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