Four Times That Night

Four Times That Night ★★★½

I really wanted to dislike this movie. The back of the DVD case advertised it as a Mario Bava sex comedy with Rashomon style story structure, but it's more like one of those "This how I see myself, this is how my parents see me, this is how others see me, this is how I really am" photo collage memes. The first story is basically one long rape joke and the third is just outright homophobic to a degree where it almost becomes absurdly funny in its extremity. Thankfully the fourth story gets exceptionally weird before settling into a kind of charming conclusion.

As with most Italian sex comedies, the comedy part requires some relaxation of the brain and the soul, but the sex is... sexy. The saving grace, as would be expected, is the metric ton of style Bava dumps on the stupid, stupid story as well as the wild production design and costuming. It just looks too good to hate.

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