Batman Returns

Batman Returns ★★★★

First re-watch in two decades (and consequently first re-watch as an adult) struck me for these reasons:
1) Oh yeah, I *don't* hate Tim Burton. I just hate Tim Burton now.
2) Oh wow, comic book movies were full of deliberate artifice and stylized designs. Gotham City in the Tim Burton movies is the best.
3) Oh geez, Tim Burton, maybe you took the villains' names a bit too literally. And just maybe he wasn't very interested in making a Batman movie?
4) Oh my, there sure is a lot of sex talk in this Hollywood movie that is ostensibly for children. The Penguin is all gropes and inappropriate passes. "I'd like to fill her void," he says. Catwoman, in her bondage outfit, grabs Batman's dick and says "There you are." Somehow 12 year old me *didn't * notice all of this.

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