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2 1/2 stars = ambivalent
2 stars = weak, 1 = horrible

Favorite films

  • Roberta
  • The Gay Divorcee
  • Moontide
  • Road House

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  • Assignment: Paris


  • Shanghai Express


  • Always Leave Them Laughing


  • House of Bamboo


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  • The Hard Way

    The Hard Way


    Re-watched this fascinating movie that, while imperfect, deserves to be more widely recognized. The script contains far more depth and complication than is often discussed. Tremendous performances from Ida Lupino in the lead, Jack Carson in a supporting role, and Gladys George is a crucial scene. Joan Leslie and Dennis Morgan are fine, but unimpressive.

    One of the major imperfections is that the story focuses a bit too much on the Joan Leslie character. Lupino’s character drives the film and…

  • Moontide



    Finally re-watched this film that made such an impact on me a few years ago. Great to be reminded how wonderful it is.

    The actors are terrific. It’s still the only Gabin film I’ve seen and I’ll need to change that. This was also one of the earliest Ida Lupino films I had seen and went a long way towards making me a huge fan of hers. The romance between Gabin and Lupino is one of the most endearing I’ve seen portrayed on film. 

    The sets are terrific. Yes, not “realistic”, but magical and evocative and simply unforgettable. Terrific cinematography as well.

    A brilliant film, really.