Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

produces beauty absent of temporal constraints (even the city's highest point—the clock tower—is broken), the need to be fulfilled as the emotional de-commodifies the divine value of mundanity. artistry as its own, collaborative reward of the reflective communal family (be it through shop windows, doppelgängers in childhood production, or the art itself). the depressive inhabits a spatio-visual continuity that's overcome by socio-cultural reintegration rather than repetition. its communicative earnestness establishes the internal confrontation within flight as an affect paradigm of modernist hegemony that acts as an intersubjective emotive signifier in founding self-hood on the basis of an actualizing magical denaturalization (black clothes). she crosses the lake and the sea, but it's perspective that's necessary for growth (the absence of depth in the image removes her precaution). we remain safe and content in continuing to look up, in the hope that we inspire those that come after us and to reach for that personal, saving grace.

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