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  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


    Well, here I am again, seeing something that I thought I had not seen ... not so bad, although Harry in general seems like an annoying character (him and his face), it is a good option if you want to see adventure films no matter how old you are.

  • Awake



    This remains too unfinished, among so many stories that converge, the central idea is lost and in the end we do not know what happens with so many characters, even with that abrupt explanation to end the film.

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  • ParaNorman



    I love this movie, the story, the characters, animation, soundtrack, the zombies, the plot. I want to live in Blithe Hollow and have all those things that belong to Norman. Toothbrush, slippers, posters, toys, backpacks, I want everything.
    We watched this film at the cinema and we were there without anyone else seeing the credits. I loved those illustrations too. It will definitely be in my collection.

  • Fucking Berlin

    Fucking Berlin


    Many people often expect a hollywood story anyone can understand and not difficult to digest. Well, if you are looking for a common movie with a common script, stay away from the international and independent cinema. A very good movie. Full of drama, comedy and the reallity of temporary prostitution for new generations. It is worth seeing, don't be fooled by other reviews, surely did not understand the plot or the idea.

    If you think the same as the rest…