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  • Exotica
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  • Fargo
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  • Last Christmas
  • Something Different

    Something Different


    My first experience with Chytilová and for a debut feature, the ambition on display here is quite admirable. Juxtaposing an Olympic gymnast training with the struggles of a housewife is a clever way to highlight many of the societal difficulties and pressures that women faced, and the naturalistic approach serves to enhance the message (especially in the gymnast segments). My main complaint here is that is that I believe this should have been a short film, the content feels stretched…

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  • Exotica



    With Exotica, Atom Egoyan has crafted one of the most hypnotizing, tragic, and empathetic films I've had the pleasure of viewing. Despite being mislabeled an erotic drama, Exotica is actually an exploration of human emotion through interconnectivity. The film moves about at a slow pace and requires a bit of patience, as characters are introduced with mysterious and unknown motivations. Structuring the film like a puzzle (where the pieces slowly fall into place) works wonders and keeps the viewers assuming…

  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy


    The King of Comedy might be Scorsese's most underrated film, and I would honestly put it right up there with Taxi Driver and Raging Bull (both some of my all time favorites). Rupert Pupkin is yet another memorable character brought to life by the combination of De Niro and Scorsese, and he is nothing short of enthralling to watch just like Jake La Motta and Travis Bickle. Pupkin's deep seeded loneliness and obsession with becoming famous like his idol, Jerry…